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  The full spectrum of outpatient mental health services are provided at COUNSELING TOWARD HOPE.  From children as     young as 3 to those in their 80's and 90's, Counseling Toward Hope has therapists experienced to serve all ages and those with any life challenge or mental health issue.  


     INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING:  Sessions are approximately 50 minutes in length and provided in morning, afternoon and evening hours Monday through Friday.  


     FAMILY THERAPY:   The family is powerful system in the formation of values and behaviors.  Sessions for families are available to address problematic patterns or make adjustments associalted with financial stressors, health issues, or grief. 


     GROUP COUNSELING:   Codependency groups are conducted on a regular schedule by therapist Suzanne Lindsay.  Experiential groups are facilitated several times a year.  Growth groups are held as needed for youth and adults.  


     MARRIAGE COUNSELING:  Marriage is a rewarding and challenging relationship that therapists are trained to enhance by challenging hurtful patterns and encouraging healthy change.  


     PLAY THERAPY:   Specifically designed for the developmental needs of children, Sami Bradley offers the complete range of therapy for children through her training as a certified play therapist.  


     SEXUAL ADDICTION THERAPY:  The Kearney office offers specific treatment for sexual addictions with certified sexual addictions therapist, Bryce Riessland.  Bryce also provides drug and alcohol counseling services. 


     LOVE AND LOGIC PARENTING CLASSES:  Love and Logic is a reputable and easily implemented set of parenting strategies designed to lessen parental anger and provide practical ideas that assist a family in producing children who are respectful, responsible and fun to be around.  


     GRIEF SHARE:  Grief Share is a community-based program offered to provide support and education for those facing the death of a loved one.  


      DRUG AND ALCOHOL EVALUATIONS:   Court-ordered evaluations are available through Nancy Carlson who is on the approved provider list maintained by the department of probation in Nebraska


     WITHIN OUT REACH, GOT YOUR BACK:  These programs are offered in a group format and utilize media and workbooks to further educate individuals and couples about anger and stress management, conflict resolution, personal growth and healthy relationship patterns.     


    COURT ORDERED DIVERSION PROGRAMMING:  Outpatient services can provide youth diversion programs addressing anger management, decision-making, and substance abuse issues.